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For more information about lighthouses, check out the sites below!

WWW Virtual Library
A very comprehensive list of lighthouse sites on the Web
Lighthouse Accomodations
A listing of lighthouses providing overnight accomodations
Lighthouse Digest Magazine
The magazine's home on the web!
Lighthouses by Andy
Very interesting and informative site
PBS's Legendary Lighthouses
The online companion to the PBS series
Rick's Electronic Lighthouse Magazine
A fun and informative lighthouse homepage
Lightheart Lighthouses
A beautiful page of Michigan's lighthouses.
Scotland Lighthouses
See clips from a video of Scotland's lighthouses.
A little store of hard-to-find lighthouse items.
Lighthouses by Frederic Kohli
300 Lighthouse Paintings - collectables - gifts- keyholders - decorative screens - custom paintings on canvas, covering the East, West & Gulf Coasts + the Great Lakes and Canada.
Jo's Wonderland
Great personal webpage about lighthouses.
Lighthouse Getaway
An online tour of lighthouses around the world.
Florida Lighthouse Page
A great, in-depth site about Florida's lights.
New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide
Everything you would want to know about New England lights.
Northern Lighthouse Board
The official Scottish lighthouse site.

I am constantly updating this list of links. If you have a favorite lighthouse site that should be included, or you would like me to list your lighthouse homepage, contact me at the address below. Thanks!

This page last updated on May 15, 2004.